Friday, August 15, 2014

The scam continues...

Good morning!  I hope you were able to read my post about my thoughts on the experience I had with a Maximized Living chiro.  Well just to give a brief update, after that post & leaving an honest review on Yelp! a Maximized Living chiro reached out to me accusing me of "spewing hate"  and stating he reaches out to people who had a bad experience with a Maximized Living Chiro.  All I can think is that Maximized Living receives so many complaints that they put someone on damage control.  And if sharing my honest experience is "spewing hate." Well folks.... this is absolutely laughable & anyone who knows me will say that it's not even possible for me to "spew hate."  All I can say that it continues to be evident to me that I will stay away from Maximized Living and continue to encourage people to do their own research & get a second opinion before choosing what course of care to take.

Oh, and you should also check out this review.  It totally makes you scratch your head because I've heard these very scripts!  Here is another story that is powerful.  Then there is this clinic that sounds  a lot like my own experience.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Maximized Living SCAM

Did you ever have a sneaking suspicion about something?  Like that deep down gut feeling that something just isn't right?  Well that happened to me after I started going to a Maximized Living chiropractor at the end of 2013.  My treatment plan required me to visit the office for adjustments 3x/week, but the office hours conflicted with my work schedule.  So the doc gave me this line that he'd "write me a note" but I wasn't able to take time off due to the way I scheduled my own clients.  Then he went jet-setting around the country on these "business trips" to  "bring the latest and best research back" to clients.  (I have a professional license too, and am required to keep up with the latest stuff in my area of expertise but there's no way I can afford to attend multiple seminars that are thousands of miles away!)  I became more and more concerned, and even my husband thought it was strange and started calling my visits "insurance fraud."  Then, after the office was closed due to one of these "business trips" and then the office hours changed, the doc chided me that I was coming in sporadically.  When he said that, I knew I had enough.  I did some research of Maximized Living reviews online and decided to get a second opinion.  What I learned amazed me. Maximized Living is like a cult, instructing their docs to spout out certain scripts.  When I read some of the scripts, I read some of the very words that my doc said to me (remember the line about writing a note?).  Other experiences validated what I had experienced..... that the docs are instructed to preach "doom and gloom" to you, leading you to believe that your condition is horrible and you will be dependent on chiro care for quite some time.  Please go do your research and read what other people have to say about this scam and get a second opinion.  The second doc I saw agreed, that Maximized Living is a scam!  Now I know how the doc afforded all those "business trips" in Florida and Southern California... by making people believe they need chiro care 3x/week and charging about $15 more than other providers.  

I hope you will read the following while you are doing your own research about the Maximized Living Scam & get a second opinion.  Then make up your mind about Maximized Living.
Did God invent “Maximized Living” Chiropractics?
Maximized Living-quackery
You Tube Testimony

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I must do this!

I have been a fan of Marie Forleo for some time now.  Every Tuesday I watch her vlog, "MarieTV." I came across an episode that I really need to work on: Marie TV: Your Subconscious Mind

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Linking up

This is a selfish post, but hopefully it will be beneficial for others too!  Here is a list of links of sites & blogs that I hope to visit more often and learn from in regards to my career endeavors.

  1. The Introvert Entrepreneur
  2. Write your dream job description
  3. 5 things to do when you're unemployed
  4. 18 Good Reasons You're Still Unemployed
  5. Flexjobs

Monday, April 21, 2014

Bridal Shower Gift

Coffee/Tea Service Set
One of my favorite things to do is give gifts.  What brings me even more excitement is to put together an elaborate gift where I search & find lots of items.  Then there is Pinterest which provides ample inspiration.  Enter the coffee/tea service set that I put together.  It really was a perfect storm of needing a bridal shower gift and seeing a simple pin on Pinterest for tiered plates.  This inspired me to put together a coffee/tea service set.  I originally wanted to make my own tiered plates.  (You could probably do this very easily with candle stick holders & plates, glue them together with Gorilla Glue.)  But in the end I just had so much stuff, a serving tray seemed to work the best.  I bet the tiered plates (or any other tiered system) would work great if you were to a smaller scale service set.  

Why did I do so big?  The couple I am giving this to is young & have not previously established households of their own.  They really don't have a lot of home good items.  I collected several items from your typical box stores (WalMart, Target, etc).  Also I looked on Etsy to find a few things that were more homemade, which added a special touch.   I am sure if you were to scale this down, I would just add simple things like creamer & sugar holders, spoon rest, etc.  I also love this picture for a very simple tea service:
Simple Tea & Snack Service
Items I included in my complete tea/coffee service set:

  • 4 cup coffee pot
  • Hot water kettle
  • Custom mugs (made by a friend who runs Busy B Boutique… Check her out on Facebook: Busy B Boutique)
  • Table Runner (from Etsy Bourgebride)
  • Spoon rest (from Etsy- FirstLightGlass)
  • Cloth napkins (From Esty -CustomHollyDavidson)
  • Coasters (from Etsy- FogMountainPress)
  • Homemade pot holders (made by my grandma!)
  • Honey Bear
  • 1# Coffee
  • 3 boxes tea
  • Plates
  • After dinner mints in ramekin
  • Sugar packets in sugar holder
  • Minimoos creamer and cinnamon sticks in glass jar with lid
  • Jelly
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Bud vase (I actually re-used a small bottle of martinelli's that I saved from ages ago, hoping that I'd have some way to use it.)
  • Cookies from Trader Joe's
So my best advise is to even use some things that you might have around home!  Shop around and find something to give it a special touch from Etsy!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

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